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Retail POS Inventory System

Retail Inventory POS


Merak is a name well renowned for online inventory and accounting in Kuwait. Our retail inventory POS system helps to speed up the purchase transaction with excellent customer response. Our software is designed to make a seamless shopping experience for shoppers. Our retail POS inventory system in Kuwait is armed with multiple features and helps simplify the process of managing stock. POS systems can be integrated with other devices such as barcode scanner, card swiper, and printer for the efficient running of the business.

Product efficiency

Our product help simplifies the accounting process as POS helps record, record data in the system which could be easily checked later. Our POS system is integrated with other different devices that work together and precisely resulting in completing the payment transaction faster. With our retail inventory POS system, clients can eliminate costly hand –counts and saves time.


Our retail Inventory POS system helps in minimizing human errors and eliminates time-consuming counting system manually. POS system provides detailed information without the use of a conventional register at one click. Our POS system is easy to operate and create purchase orders easily. It helps in viewing stocks and also helps in reordering the stock when it gets low. Our team provides backup services for maintenance and also trains the users in handling such machines easily. It helps staff in reducing the time-serving per transaction by completing payment faster.

Inventory POS Features

Sales/Billing Module

Easy and user-friendly appointment screen to book an appointment by employee name and client name with the specific services.

Multi Location POS

A point of sale screen where you can sell services, products, packages, gift vouchers. using the same screen you can use advance payment also.

Direct/Indirect Expenses

Advance SMS feature, which will auto-send an SMS to the client about appointment information.

Local & International Purchase

loyalty program, users can buy services or product system auto count loyalty points in will be added to the client account directly.

Print Barcode

reception can easily sell and redeem gift vouchers and packages and also track the uses count.

Financial Reporting

Get real-time data of the sale's performance from anywhere on any device. Online reporting of all data including services, product, daily sales & day closing reports all in one place online.

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