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Bakery Management POS

Merak Bakery Management POS


Merak Bakery Management POS software has been used for years by many satisfied clients. It has all of the features expected in a quality point-of-sale system. Point of sale screen can be used in conjunction with a cash drawer and receipt printer as a full till system.

Bakery Management POS Features

Online Application

Easy and user-friendly appointment screen to book an appointment by employee name and client name with the specific services.

Devices Friendly

A point of sale screen where you can sell services, products, packages, gift vouchers. using the same screen you can use advance payment also.

Easy Job Order Creation

Advance SMS feature, which will auto-send an SMS to the client about appointment information.

Order Status Module

loyalty program, users can buy services or product system auto count loyalty points in will be added to the client account directly.

Data backup

reception can easily sell and redeem gift vouchers and packages and also track the uses count.

Financial Reporting

Get real-time data of the sale's performance from anywhere on any device. Online reporting of all data including services, product, daily sales & day closing reports all in one place online.

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